The department of international finance and investments

The department of international finance and investments

    The Department for State Construction and Law was founded in 1995 on the basis of the Department for Market Relations’ Legal Basis. The Department provided a profound study of the foundations of the theory of state and law, as well as initial training on the international legal system and training activities on subjects relating to the scope of the state, law and management.


    The Department has a special part in the adjacent departments and taking into account the international legal character of the faculty, organizes educational process for all branches of national law.

    The following disciplines are taught at the Department:  

    Theory of State and Law 
    Constitutional Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan 
    Jurisprudence. Constitutional law of the Republic of Uzbekistan
    Constitutional law of foreign countries 
    Administrative Law  
    Studying these courses involves the development of theoretical knowledge of students on the above subjects, as well as the formation of skills to use the acquired knowledge in solving issues related to the foundations of the state system and management; independent research on issues of state and law; development of the ability to think logically; the development of the skill to conduct a scientific debate and problem solving skills related to issues of governance and constitutional law; making up the conclusions based on the rule of law.

    The Department also provides teaching on the course of historical and legal disciplines (History of State and Law, Political and Legal doctrine).

    The main activities of the Department directed to develop students' knowledge regarding the history and development of state-legal phenomena and legal doctrines of the method of system analysis in the study of these subjects, as well as the formation of their political and legal views on the state and law.

    The Department also teaches disciplines on banking and financial issues - "Financial Law", "Tax Law". The main purpose and objective of the study of these disciplines is to provide students with knowledge in the field of banking and financial issues, the acquisition of practical skills of drawing up legal documents in the tax and customs sphere, information based on the legal point of view, fastening the development of self-learning enforcement practice in this area.

    The Department provides the course of disciplines on criminal law ("The courts and law enforcement agencies", "Public Prosecutions", "Forensic", "Criminal Law", "Criminal Procedure).

     The main purposes  and objectives of the activities of the Department are: to provide students with theoretical knowledge on the qualification of crimes and sentencing; to study the causes of the issues of crime and prevention: covering general and specific concepts of criminal law; self-organization of education in the subjects of "Criminal Law" and "Criminal Procedure"; the analysis of judgments (sentences); familiarization with the procedural order of execution of procedural documents in criminal cases; formation of skills of practical application of material and procedural norms of law; the formation of students' skills of logical and analytical thinking about the procedural disciplines.

    At the department there are well experienced specialists and scholars. A number of specialists from a wide range of state authorities and law-enforcement agencies are involved into education process.