Student Council

Student Council

    UWED Students’ Council
    By/For/With Students

    Students’ Council of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy - a self-governing body of students that is aimed to support students and to serve as a communication bridge between the University staff and students. The Council is engaged in protecting the rights and interests of students, supporting student projects, and increasing the scientific potential of students. 

    Students' Council includes committees under the leadership of advisors to the Chairman of the Council, the purpose of which is to involve students in the social and scientific life of the university. 
    At the moment, the Chairman of the Students’ Council is a 4th year student of the International Law Faculty- Giyosov Abu Tolib. 

    At the moment Council includes following committees:

    -    Students’ Council Press Service;
    -    Scientific Research Committee;
    -    External Relations Committee;
    -    Language Learning Committee;
    -    Projects Committee;
    -    Volunteers Committee;
    -    Sports Committee;
    -    Cross-Cultural Communication Committee;
    -    Organisational Control Committee.

    Students have the opportunity to become a member of the committee they are interested by sending their application to the advisors and their team, as well as leaving their complaint/suggestion on the official website of the Council:

    Students’ Council Press Service

    Press Secretary: Kuldosheva Sitora
    Chief Editor: Usmonova Mushtariy

    The Press Service manages the Council’s social pages on 5 platforms (Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), where it regularly covers the activities of all committees, helps in their visually acceptable posts and in the preparation of relevant posters, announcements and other news for students.

    Scientific Research Committee

    Advisor: Babaev Rayan

    This committee serves as an effective platform for students to gain theoretical and practical experience in writing scientific articles. Seminars organized by the committee on a regular basis with specialists, supervisors in their field allow students to write reports, theses, articles and other papers in a quality and correct way. The task of the committee also includes support and assistance to students in the publication of their scientific papers.

    External Relations Committee

    Advisor: Djamalov Fazliddin

    This committee serves as a platform for students to demonstrate their negotiation skills, knowledge of diplomatic protocol and the development of interpersonal communications with foreign colleagues. In addition, the committee aims to establish cooperation between the Council and promising partners for joint activities. The Committee also manages such projects as the Model UN, the SCO, the OSCE, the online quiz "Своя игра", intellectual games "Zakovat", orginised with guest lecturers and others.

    Language Learning Committee

    Advisor: Kodirjonov Azizbek

    The Language Learning Committee was created to form a single platform for language education, where students can take part in various speaking clubs, discussions, debates, joint master classes and other events that improve the skills and knowledge of students in the field of language learning.

    Projects Committee

    Advisor: Ismoilov Fakhriddin

    The task of the committee is to provide practical assistance to students in the implementation of student projects, facilitate the search for promising partners for them, help the activities of each project, and also cooperate with the UWED Incubation Center. At the moment, the committee manages such projects as Book club, UWED debates, etc.

    Volunteers Committee

    Advisor: Otabekjonov Ramzbek, Ergashev Temurbek

    The Committee assists the university administration in selecting volunteers for high-level events, helps students during the process of completing various volunteer work, compiles and constantly updates a single database of UWED volunteers, thus maintaining transparency, equality and the opportunity for each student to take an active part as a volunteer.

    Sports Committee

    Advisor: Fayzakhmatov Sherzod

    The main goal of the Sports Committee is to promote a healthy lifestyle among students by organising, together with the administration of the University, student sports competitions, universiades and other recreational activities. The Committee contributes to the preparation of students for various tournaments, arranging constant training and joint sports games.

    Cross-Cultural communication committee

    Advisor: Abdumalikova Farangiz

    The Committee is engaged in increasing the level of students involvement in the social life of the university, by organising open discussions on the topic of cross-cultural communication, organising charity fairs, student holidays and other events that improve communication between students throughout the university. The Committee has already managed to please the students with the Chill Out Party, The Rock Ambassadors concerts, weekly-based “Movie Night” sessions as well as the UWED New Year's Fair.

    Organisational Control Committee

    Advisor: Nazirov Abrorbek

    The Organizational Control Committee serves as an auxiliary tool for maintaining a stable order on the territory of an educational institution, contributing both to the correct distribution of events organized by students in the university classrooms, and to carrying out systematic work with students living in the UWED dormitory.

    Members of the Students’ Council 
    of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy
    Abu Tolib Giyosov – Students’ Council Chairman
    Sitora Kuldosheva – Press Secretary
    Mushtariy Usmonova – Chief Editor of the Press Service
    Rayan Babaev – Scientific Research Advisor
    Azizbek Kodirjonov – Language Learning Advisor
    Fakhriddin Ismoilov – Project Management Advisor
    Fazliddin Djamalov – External Relations Advisor
    Ramzbek Otabekjonov, Temurbek Ergashev – Volunteer Advisors
    Sherzod Fayzakhmatov – Sport Advisor
    Farangiz Abdumalikova - Cross-Cultural Communication Advisor
    Abrorjon Nazirov – Organisational and Control Advisor