UWED Business laboratory was founded by the initiative of a group students and support of rector of UWED Abdumalik Abduvakhobovich Djumanov on 5th October 2015. 


To develop entrepreneurial skills and abilities of preparing and realizing business plans of business-oriented students.


  • Master classes and trainings
  • Travel-lectures
  • Idea development
  • Country study

Our partners

  • Association of International Business and Technologies
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan
  • UWED Alumni Association

Organizational Structure of the Initiative Group




Coordinating Laboratory activities, Interacting with an external environment , organizing trainings  and etc.

Mels Ochilov

+99894 9217733,


Preparing minutes and reports

 Sardor Po'latjonov

+998 94 3800702

Group of informants:

Informing the participants about Laboratory events , Organizing meetings of the initiative group

Eldor Samandarov

+998 93 2515227

Shoxruh Shodiyev

+998 90 3185471

Umid Odilov

+998 97 7028496

PR Group:

Uploading information about the Laboratory into social networks, a website and external awareness.

Sherzod Hayitboyev

+998 91 1369226

Abdulla O'rmonov

+998 93 5042870

Behzod Rahmatullayev

+998 90 7391870

HR Group:

Making a list of Laboratory participants and surveying.

Shirin Turdixujayeva

+998 97 7599020

Technical maintenance group:

Providing with necessary devices and etc.

Begzod Azimov

+998 94 6352352

Important! Every member of the Initiative Group has access to a common e-mail, but the coordinator will send letters exclusively on behalf of the Laboratory, or he will authorize any of the members of the initiative group to do so. Each member of the initiative group will be aware of the content of each message in advance.

The coordinator will send the letters after discussing their contents with the members of the initiative group. Each member has the right to propose their visions and argue their positions. In any circumstances, the initiative group should behave as one family, act in a spirit of brotherhood, and ensure the continuity of this club.