World economy

World economy

    • Delivery mode:Classroom
    • Study mode:Full time
    • Duration:Three years
    • Start date:September 2022
    • Application deadline:26 January 2022

    Direction description

    Applicants for basic doctorate (PhD) should have: 1.Master's degree, diploma of higher education (specialty programs); 2.Scientific results, including at least one scientific article published in a scientific journal, and at least two abstracts in scientific proceedings in the relevant fields that can form the basis of the PhD.

    08.00.09 The entrance exam program for the specialty "World Economy" is aimed at assessing applicants' knowledge of the main concepts, concepts and categories of the science of "World Economy", analyzing the development trends of international economic relations, in the conditions of an open market economy based on competition. aimed at determining the skills of choosing the most effective option from among a number of alternative economic solutions and developing scientifically based economic proposals. The program contains the main sections and topics of the "World Economy" science, as well as a list of recommended literature for preparing for the exam.

    The role of knowledge about the world economy is also important in the implementation of the tasks defined in the "Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026" signed by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

    Mastering the science of "world economy" creates a basis for understanding the main directions of international relations, as well as understanding the national economic policy and international strategy of Uzbekistan in accordance with the main directions and trends in the development of the current world economy.