Publishing Department

Publishing Department

    Publishing department was founded in 1993 to meet the needs of the educational process in the educational literature of high quality publications and other printed editions.

    The objectives of the publishing department are:

    1. Conducting publishing activity on the basis of the UWED Charter and existing laws in this area.
    2. Publication of the results of teaching and research UWED faculty in the form of high-quality textbooks, teaching aids, teaching materials and scientific works, including the collaboration with other institutions and agencies, as well as materials of teaching and research councils, etc..
    3. In addition to the daily tasks for the publication of educational editions, editorial and publishing department is also involved in the preparation and issuance of scientific-theoretical journal "International relations: politics, economics, law."

    The department of the publishing house and the editorial board consists of the following areas:

    1. Working out the plan and theme, evaluation and peer review of manuscripts provided in cooperation with the UWED faculty, teaching and research councils.
    2. Assisting authors in editing manuscripts and their creative works.
    3. Preparation of the original layout of books and inventory.
    4. Artistic and technical design of books and the creation of cover design.
    5. Re-edition and printing of educational and methodical literature, books, brochures (printing indoor units , paper choosing, falstovka, print covers) of high quality.
    6. In the framework of the university to assist in the preparation and conduct forums, conferences and seminars on topical issues.
    7. Prepare an annual report on the work of publishing department in the form of  the annual report of the university.