The University of  World Economy and Diplomacy provides the training in the field of "International Economic Relations", "International Law", "International relations" since  February 1, 1993.  

Founded in 1996, in 2002  the Faculty was renamed as the of  Faculty of Jurisprudence (International legal activity).

5240100 - Law (international legal activity) is an educational direction of social, economic and legal spheres of science. It includes practical and research activities related to the formation of theoretical knowledge, analysis in the field of law; legislative activities, in particular, drafts of bills, legal regulations and other documents of a legal and diplomatic nature; activities related to the international laws of the State to regulate relations between subjects of international law, international legal norms and principles; comparative law in the field of international law and trade and economic relations; as well as the theoretical and practical activities of state authorities and management of legal norms; government agencies engaged in diplomatic activities; legal authorities and the judiciary; the activities of the legal services of industrial, economic and commercial organizations; financial, banking and other institutions.

Objects of educational professional activities: events, facts, actions of legal significance; legal relations arising in the sphere of action of government institutions; the legal relationship between the public authorities, individuals and legal entities; international legal relations between states, nations and international organizations, states and citizens.

The area is aimed to develop the knowledge and skills of students in areas such as: preparation of international treaties, the improvement of national legislation on foreign policy issues, working with the international legal instruments, research and application of international law in making decisions on the legal issues, analysis, legal opinions and advice on cases arising in the field of contemporary international relations, perform any functions related to international law, international and private institutions, the protection of state interests in international commercial arbitration, legal enforcement of international treaties and conventions to which Uzbekistan joined, the organization, as well as the strengthening the position and reputation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the world arena, the legal protection of the public interest.

In the framework of this direction, there are trained specialists for the following organizations: government agencies engaged in diplomacy, international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, the judiciary and law enforcement agencies,banking,financial bodies and organizations engaged in foreign trade.

Currently in the Department there is being carried out activities in the UNESCO Chair on International Law and Human Rights, the Department for the State Construction and Law, the Department for International Private and Civil Law, the Department for English Language.