17.05.2022 386

On May 13 of this year, a simulation of a civil court was conducted at the Legal clinic of the University of world economy and diplomacy with the participation of representatives of the Supreme School of Judges under the Supreme Judicial Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan, teachers of the Legal Clinic of UWED, second and third year students of the faculty of International law. During the simulation, two cases were reviewed: giving a custody of a child from a mother-in-law to a father and the property law case of dividing an apartment and having a mother that was kicked out by her son return there. It is worth noting that the simulation of a trial was held on the basis of a memorandum signed between UWED and the Supreme School of Judges, which is aimed at building fruitful cooperation between the two higher educational institutions.

Before the simulation process, the Vice-rector of UWED for youth affairs and spiritual and educational work O. Yusupdzhanov, Doctor of Laws, ex-Chairman of the Supreme Court, teacher of the Supreme School of Judges F. Mukhitdinova, Head of the Legal Clinic, Doctor of Laws Z. Ubaydullaev and the Dean of the Faculty of International law U. Yakubhodzhaev delivered opening speeches.

O. Yusupdzhanov noted that participation in such simulations (simulations of trials) will help students acquire practical skills in areas of law and will bring its benefit in the future and expressed gratitude to the Supreme School of Judges for cooperation and organization of a clinical trial simulation. Z. Ubaydullaev noted that such simulation with the participation of students is being conducted for the first time and that it will shift the cooperation between two educational institutions to a new level. The speakers wished the students good luck and an effective simulation.

The first case under consideration concerned family issues, and students had the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in the field of family law.

Guests from the Supreme School of Judges demonstrated to students the process of carrying out a court session. The judge of the first trial was Sh. Mukhammadovich, assistant to the chairman of the court of the Andijan region. Representatives of the Supreme School of Judges were the participants of the trial.

During the simulation, students were given the opportunity to ask questions to the defendant, plaintiff, witnesses and other courtroom participants. In the end, the case was declared closed in favor of a mother-in-law a father tried to take away the child from and the statement of claim of the father of this four-year-old child was rejected by the court.

The second precedent was a case a mother moving back into her own apartment. 6 representatives from the Supreme School of Judges took part in this simulation. The role of the judge was performed by H. Kattabekov, assistant representative of the court of the Samarkand region. The ambassadors of the Supreme School of Judges acted as plaintiffs and defendants, lawyers and other participants of the trial. The students were also given the opportunity to test their knowledge, and they were able to give questions to the participants of the trial. Experienced lawyers of the Supreme School of Judges, participants of the trial were able to convey all the excitement and feelings of the parties of court cases.

The demonstration trials of civil cases (simulations of real trials) were held at the highest level and the administration of UWED expressed gratitude to the guests for their participation, it was noted that the students received practical knowledge and were given answers to all their questions.