04.05.2019 2308

Lectures and a seminar were organized by Professor of the Nagoya University Ichihashi Katsuya on April 29 - May 1, 2019 at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. These events were organized by the initiative of the administration of the UWED and Center for International Legal Research and Comparative Public Law (Public Law Center) with the support of the Dean's Office of the IL Faculty. The experts of the Center have many years of experience working with Professor Ichihashi on the reform of administrative law of Uzbekistan. At present, cooperation continues in the Japanese Law Section opened at the Center in 2017.

Professor Ichihashi gave two lectures to university students: on the rule of law in Asian countries, transforming their legal systems, and on the development of modern administrative law and the meaning of law interpretation in the reform of the legal system of Uzbekistan. The questions covered by the Japanese professor caused a keen interest of the 2,3-and 4-year students of the IL faculty, as well as some teachers of the faculty, which served as a stimulus for a very interesting discussion on the problems and prospects of the reform of administrative law in our country. In addition to the lectures, Professor Ichihashi held a scientific seminar for interns of the Public Law Laboratory of the Center, as well as undergraduates, doctoral students and university applicants on the types of public relations and the corresponding mechanisms of administrative and legal protection of interested persons.

In conclusion, Professor Ichihashi and the administration of the Public Law Center agreed on plans for further cooperation in the framework of the Japanese Law Section. The professor expressed satisfaction with the level of awareness of UWED students about modern problems of administrative law reform and wished the Center success in the development of science and teaching public law.