30.11.2018 6191

Digital technology makes new demands on the training of specialists in the field of mass media. A group of students of the faculty "International Relations" UWED took part in the II International Forum "Models of educational programs in journalism: the integration of professional standards", held by the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yassavi in Turkestan on November 24-25, 2018.

Fifth-year students Umid Ergashev, Timur Tadjikhodjayev, Shakhzod Yuldashov, Gavkhar Mirkhalilova and Sitorakhon Tursunbayeva were awarded with international certificates and diplomas for their active participation in the forum. They wrote articles on the influence of mass media on the minds of young people, the use of media tools for expanding the student’s outlook, intercultural relations and digital lifestyle.

The following issues were also discussed at the conference such as: an interdisciplinary approach in media education, practical competences in training a specialist for the media market, communicative trends in teaching disciplines in journalism, opportunities perspective for improving the qualifications of teachers and journalists. Teachers, scientists, doctoral students and researchers from the National University of Uzbekistan, the Uzbek State University of World Languages ​​and the Karakalpak State University also participated in the conference from Uzbekistan. The head of the Uzbek delegation was Professor of the Social and Political Sciences Department of the UWED Muminova Fatima Izatullaevna, who spoke at the plenary session on “Intercultural Relationships of Youth in the Digital Technology era”. The published collection of the conference presents 17 scientific publications of authors from Uzbekistan. The forum participants visited the memorial complex of the Khoja Ahmad Yassavi mausoleum, the Otrar site of ancient settlement (VIII c.), the ancient fortress city Sauran (VI c.). At the initiative of the students of the Kazakh-Turkish University, a creative evening was organized with the performance of dances, songs, poems in Kazakh, Turkish, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Russian languages.