27.12.2017 10892

On December 23, 2017 a training dedicated to the study of individual personality traits was held in the club of youth initiatives “Insight club” with the participation of students of the faculty of “International Relations”. Participants drew attention to the richness of personality manifestations, expressed in the diversity of individual characteristics of a person. Two different points of view were studied: all manifestations of the personality can be reduced to a single psychic phenomenon, a precise and adequate study of which allows us to examine the personality as a whole; man is an object interacting with other complex systems (nature, society). Personality from this point of view is explored in different plans: as a qualitative unit, which has its own unique features, as part of the macrostructure, as part of the microsystem to which it obeys the laws.                                    During the training, the main character traits expressed in emotions, will and intellect were considered. Participants shared their experience of interaction with the outside world, society and surrounding people, attitudes towards one's own person, activity, work and learning. In addition, the positive and negative personalities of a person were highlighted. Methods of investigating the personality of Rorschach and Cattell were used.