28.04.2017 23853

On April 26, 2017 discussions devoted to “Reproductive health of young people”, “Fighting AIDS”, “Preventing botulism” were held during a curatorial hour. Infectious diseases specialist of the Institute of Health and Medical Statistics of Tashkent Nargiza Rasuleva, methodist-nurse Shakhnoza Siddikova as well as psychiatrist of the neurological dispensary, Ph.D. Guzal Azizhodjaeva were invited to participate at the discussion. In the course of the meeting the topical issues were given а careful consideration. The specialists focused students’ attention on a necessity to follow the rules of reproductive health, a formation of immunity against AIDS and prevention of botulism.

Students asked questions and were given detailed answers on the given issues. Moreover, the students had an opportunity to enrich their knowledge in the medical field. Fourth-year students of the Faculty of International Law, as well as first-year students of the Faculty of International Relations took part in the discussions.